Where Do you Look for Vintage Macs


Use your own Connections
Investigate all your previous employers, friends, schools and business relations. There might be companies that actually dump there machines in the trash. Just be careful about hard disk information that you get hold of. Don't missuse it and remember that Apple has binding legal terms for use of their operating system.

Search eBay Auctions
Go to most fameous Internet auctions, there are tons of vintage computers available. Some are cheap other very expensive. See MacCollector's Other Links.

Ask us for a link on our site or even place an simple ad with your demands and whishes for what you want to buy or sell.
This is not yet fully implemented, please contact us. Try the e-mail and address page.

Use common Search Engines
You might find a lot of useful suppliers by using the Internet's search facilities. See links above.

Search Engines
Alta Vista
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