Start Collecting Vintage Macs


Keep All Your Current Macs
and Start Looking

So you got a couple of previous Macs which now feels old, obsolete and not up-to-date. Keep them, clean them and maintain them to best of your knowledge. You have just started your Apple computer collection. If you are lucky, you might stump into an old Apple II computer laying on a shelf somewhere in a shop, just collecting dust.
To keep track of what you got and what you might need, download MacCollector's FileMaker Pro Database, tailored for Apple and Macintosh collectors. Decide what you are interested in. Perhaps you want Operating Systems from all of the world, different monitors, special localized products, main computers, keyboards or perhaps you want to start your own Mac Museum. Remember that most types of collectors already exist, but don't let that make you feel bad. You are collecting for your own interest and perhaps to get in contact with other collectors who are willing to trade.



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